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Contrary To Popular Belief, The Stock Market Doesn’t need to be Some Overwhelming Beast. You Simply Need to Learn Its Patterns!

Let Me Make One Thing Clear Before We Start…

You DO NOT need any prior experience to succeed with this course.

The information and knowledge in this course that I’ve gathered over years of investing can be used by ANYONE, whether you’re just starting out or already have some experience with investing.

No matter your current experience level, this course will help improve your investing, your thought process about investing, and of course, will help you grow your wealth and create new and reliable streams of income.


Investing In The Stock Market Is A Great Tool To Grow Your Wealth And Increase Your Income.

Here Are My Thoughts On The Subject…


When it comes to stock market investing, everyone starts on the same playing field. The only difference between investors is money and knowledge.


The good thing is that you can start investing with any amount of money

But the amount you start out with doesn't really matter in the big picture.

Because with knowledge, consistency, income reinvestment, and compounded growth, you’ll be able to grow your portfolio towards financial freedom.


The Amount Of Money You Start Out With Isn’t Actually That Important. What’s Important Is Developing Your SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, And MINDSET, From The Get-Go…

It doesn’t matter if you’re in school, if you have a job, if you lack time, if you’re old, or if you’re young…

Learning how to properly manage your money and invest for the long-term will SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE YOUR FINANCIAL POSITION, I'm sure of it.

You just need to know HOW TO INVEST. But learning to invest properly can require years of experience and many failures, which I’m guessing you don’t want to go Through. So, what exactly should you do?

The answer is simple, all you have to do is LEARN FROM THE PEOPLE THAT ALREADY HAVE EXPERIENCE.

Learn from their mistakes, see what worked for them, see what you should do, see what you should avoid, and find the key that helped them succeed.


That Is EXACTLY What This Course Will Provide You…


Everything I’ve Learned In My 5 YEAR Investing Journey, Specifically In The Stock Market, Organized In A Clean And Concise Format That Will Help You Understand Everything Perfectly, No Matter Your Experience Level!

Here’s What You’re Going To Get In This Course:

This investing course features 6 In-Depth modules focused on providing you with all the necessary tools for crafting your very own investment portfolio based on YOUR investor profile.

Module 1 - Before You Start Investing

✓ Stock Investing Benefits

✓ Capital Appreciation

✓ Preliminary Steps + Mindset, and More!

Module 2 - Investing Fundamentals

✓ Stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs

✓ Stock Quote, Market Caps

✓ Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement

✓ Stock Ratios, Investment Horizons, Diversification, and Much More!

Module 3 - Dividend Investing

✓ How dividends work

✓ Analyzing a Dividend Stock

✓ Important Dates

✓ Dividend ETFs, and More!

Module 4 - Trading Fees and Taxation

✓ Account Types

✓ Trading Fees + ETF Fees

✓ Withholding Taxes

✓ Types of Income, and More!

Module 5 - Investor Goals

✓ Determining Your Goals

✓ Asset Allocation

✓ PDF Downloads

✓ Dollar-Cost Averaging, Correction, and More!


Module 6 - Crafting your Portfolio

✓ Brokerage Overview

✓ Investment Accounts

✓ Stock, ETF, and Mixed Portfolios

✓ Portfolio Rebalancing

Before Going Any Further, I Should Probably Introduce Myself…

Hi there! My name is Griffin Milks.

You might know me from my YouTube Channel, where over the past 5 years, I have helped my audience better master the stock market, their personal finances, real estate investing, and much more.

Through the FREE CONTENT that I provide on that channel, I've already helped over 85 thousand people better master their investing.

As you might expect, though, I can only go so far on a YouTube channel.

That’s the reason this course has a price tag on it… For people who are serious about their financial future.

If you’re truly serious about getting into investing, about changing your life for the better, this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to achieve that goal.

This course is a collection of the most important teachings and concepts that can transform anyone into a knowledgeable do-it-yourself (DIY) investor.

I look forward to helping you better master the ins and outs of stock market investing, while giving you the tools necessary to invest with confidence.


And If That Wasn’t Enough, Here’s Some Direct Feedback I've Received For This Exact Course From Past Students:

David K.


"I've been a long-time viewer of Griffin's investing videos on YouTube. This course really helped me better understand everything from A to Z relating to investing in a well-balanced portfolio."

Victoria G.


"As a Canadian, I've had a hard time finding relevant content and information tailored towards Investing in Canada. This course was exactly what I needed."

Tristan S.


"If you're new to stock market investing like I was, then you need to get this course. The lectures are easy to follow, and you'll finish the course feeling ready to start investing. "

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