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Ultimate Personal Finance Spreadsheet™ | All-In-One Automated Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)

Are you looking for an all-in-one financial spreadsheet that will help you better align all aspects of your finances?

Welcome to the Ultimate Personal Finance Spreadsheet, the last and ONLY spreadsheet you’ll need to master your finances and stay on top of your investments!

This financial spreadsheet features 6 fully-integrated and interlinked tabs that do the multi-tasking for you for a quicker, more in-depth financial plan without the time and hassle of figuring it all out yourself. Ideal for individuals of all ages and experience levels!

  • Page 1: Financial dashboard that keeps track of your current state of accounts, liquidity distribution, net worth, total assets, total debts, savings goals, and more! (Automatically linked to the other tabs in the spreadsheet)
  • Page 2: Monthly cashflow sheet that keeps track of your income, expenses (automatically linked to your budget), and cash flow with visual graphics for ease of comprehension
  • Page 3: Monthly budget tracker that automatically aggregates your data into yearly expense categories and feeds data to the monthly cash flow sheet
  • Page 4: Stock portfolio with automatic dividend income tracker (US Exchanges), contributions tracker, sector breakdown, and individual position tracker
  • Page 5: Stock transactions sheet for accurate dollar-cost averaging and adjusted cost-basis (Automatically calculates based on transactions)
  • Page 6: Property amortization and equity tracker that automatically feeds data to the net worth calculator

Customer Testimonials:

Works well! I like how all the sheets interconnect

Linda johansen

Template is good for people looking to track all their finances in one place. Overall satisfied

Gerard Brooks